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* Cleaned up INSTALL doc and config file

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......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ Installing Policyd v2.
- Net::CIDR
- Config::IniFiles (Debian based: libconfig-inifiles-perl, RPM based: perl-Config-IniFiles)
- Cache::FastMmap (Debian based: libcache-fastmmap-perl, RPM based: perl-Cache-FastMmap)
- Mail::SPF (Required for SPF)
- Mail::SPF (Required for CheckSPF module)
* Requirements for webui
- PHP v5+
- PHP v5+ (compiled with PDO support for your DB)
......@@ -51,18 +51,20 @@ Add the following Postfix config...
in BOTH smtpd_recipient_restrictions and smtpd_end_of_data_restrictions.
** Optional Amavisd Supprt ***
7. Copy your amavisd from /usr/sbin/amavisd and patch it with contrib/amavisd-new-2.5.3_policyd-200802070918.patch like this...
$ patch < contrib/amavisd-new-2.5.3_policyd-200802070918.patch
After this change your initscripts to start the patched amavisd.
8. Copy where you see fit, and add this configuration line to your amavisd.conf file...
9. Edit the top of and change ...
use lib('/root/cluebringer-trunk'); # to point to the directory which contains cbp/
my $DB_dsn = "DBI:SQLite:dbname=/tmp/cluebringer.sqlite"; # to point to your MySQL DB
my $DB_dsn = "DBI:mysql:database=policyd;host=localhost"; # to point to your MySQL DB
10. Fire everything up and browse to the web gui to configure
......@@ -118,8 +118,8 @@ log_mail=maillog
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