Commit 742f84b0 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Fixed Unit's on invoice line items

parent 92963ac0
......@@ -676,10 +676,20 @@ sub linkInvoiceItem
# If we have an item unit, add it aswell
# Work out what unit we're going to add
my $unit = undef;
# Default to the inventory item
if (defined($inventoryItem->{'Unit'}) && $inventoryItem->{'Unit'} ne "") {
$unit = $inventoryItem->{'Unit'};
# Allow overriding from the params passed
if (defined($detail->{'Unit'})) {
$unit = $detail->{'Unit'};
# If we have one defined, we can now add it
if (defined($unit)) {
# Total up final price
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