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Linux Installation Notes
1. Initialize your database schema using awitpt/bin/convert-tsql
awitpt/bin/convert-tsql sqlite database/schema.tsql > database/schema.sqlite
2. Create configuration file ~/.wiaflos
# The top directory of Wiaflos
# Database details used to access the Wiaflos database
# Your SMTP server
# Uncomment & set to a file containing a plain text message to include in the body of the invoice email
# Uncomment and set to your GPG key to sign invoices
3. Start the SOAP engine
# cd soap
# ./soapServer
4. Run the admin interface in another terminal
# ./wiaflos
5. Connect to server in the admin interface
/> connect admin password
6. Load the basic set of accounts
/> load file="contrib/books/10-basic.wiaflos"
7. Type "help" at anytime to get help, or "help <command>"
# Wiaflos Accounting
Wiaflos Accounting is an extremely efficient light-weight multi-platform server-client based accounting system.
The goal is to have a central accounting engine which can either run on a dedicated server or on the same PC as the client interface. The accounting engine will provide a full SOAP API for easy writing of GUI/Web interfaces or tying into in-house systems. Seeing as the accounting engine is written in Perl and makes use of a database abstraction layer, the engine should run on nearly any operating system and use nearly any database system supported by Perl and the target OS.
We want this package to be of equal use to the one-man-show as a full accounting package running on a single PC as well as to large multi-national corporate entities with dedicated accounting servers using the package as a fast stable accounting function, solution or full package.
## Testing
Instructions below are for testing or installation of a SQLite based system.
1. Install dependencies:
`sudo apt-get install -y git libcache-fastmmap-perl libconfig-inifiles-perl libcrypt-gpg-perl libdatetime-perl libdbd-sqlite3-perl libmime-lite-perl` libsoap-lite-perl libtemplate-perl sqlite3
2. Pull in sub repositories:
3. Configure:
`sed -e 's/DSN=DBI:mysql:database=wiaflos;host=localhost/DSN=DBI:SQLite:dbname=wiaflos.sqlite/' -i wiaflos-server.conf`
4. Load database:
awitpt/bin/convert-tsql sqlite database/schema.tsql > database/schema.sqlite
sqlite3 wiaflos.sqlite < database/schema.sqlite
5. Load data:
`export PERL5LIB="$PWD"; ./wiaflos-admin --config=wiaflos-server.conf --connect="local" --load-file contrib/books/10-basic.wiaflos`
6. Type `help` at anytime to get help, or `help <command>`
## Installation
These instructions are for installation of a MySQL based system.
1. Install dependencies:
`sudo apt-get install -y git libcache-fastmmap-perl libconfig-inifiles-perl libcrypt-gpg-perl libdatetime-perl libdbd-mysql-perl libmime-lite-perl libsoap-lite-perl libtemplate-perl mysql-server`
2. Pull in sub repositories:
3. Create configuration file /etc/wiaflos-server.conf using wiaflos-server.conf as a starting point.
4. Create database wiaflos and initialize:
awitpt/bin/convert-tsql mysql database/schema.tsql > database/schema.sql
mysql -u root wiaflos < database/schema.sql
5. Run the admin interface:
`export PERL5LIB="$PWD"; ./wiaflos-admin --connect="local"`
## Perl Modules
perl-DBD-MySQL or perl-DBD-SQLite
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu (Optional)
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